Efficient Time Management

Become an effective manager of your time

It’s virtually impossible to stay focused on your goals if you can’t manage your time. Become an effective time manager and you’ll see yourself progressing rather than falling behind. Pick a time management system that works and work it.

One of the best ones out there is the quadrant time management system. It splits your daily activities up into four separate quadrants based on two factors: 1) urgency, and 2) importance. Things are either urgent and important, neither of those two, or one or the other.

You can read more about it here. The point, however, is to stay away from time-wasting activities, which are the not urgent and not important (quadrant 4). It’s easy to lose focus on your goals when you’re engaged in this quadrant for much of the day, which includes things like excessively using social media, binge watching television, over-socializing with friends, and so on.

So, if you truly want to stay focused on your goals, stay away from that quadrant and ensure you spend as much of your day in the not-urgent-but-important quadrant (quadrant 2), which include your long-term goals. Our long-term goals are never urgent in the here-and-now, but they are important to our lives.

We can’t achieve our goals if we’re constantly living in defensive-mode, spending our time merely reacting to life and wasting time, rather than strategic offense, where we’re tackling things head on by planning in advance.

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